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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Klaus Ferdinand HempflingKlaus Ferdinand Hempfling was born in Westphalia in 1957. After completing an engineering degree course in the field of telecommunications technology, he took the time to deepen his understanding of life by becoming a teacher, freelance artist, theatrical director and traveller. After several years in the Spanish Pyrenees he became, at twenty-six, a full-time lecturer at the School of Art and Design in Dortmund. During this period he undertook a detailed study of mythology and found he was continually confronted with that most significant symbol of our culture – the horse.

At the age of twenty-nine he returned to the Pyrenees, this time on a search for the real horses – the wild ones. Here he began a study of the horse in its natural environment that would reshape not only the person, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, but also the horse world.


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