Reach Out To Horse Vol. 4 DVD – Anna Twinney

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DVD Vol. 4
Reach Out to Horses® presents:
Uncovering the Art of Long Lining

Long-lining has often been described as “riding from the ground”.


In this, the final installment of the Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship DVD Series, you will learn to:

  • Bridge the familiar communication system of your body language to their mouth
  • Teach your horse to slow down, stop, speed up, change direction and back up
  • Create confident and comfortable horses to movement around their bodies
  • Introduce a young horse to bit pressure & prepare them for their first rider
  • Bring your horse back into work or get the “edge” off in order to ride again
  • Keep your horse balanced, build muscle & maintain rhythm
  • Increase interest, focus & motivation through an obstacle course

From solving your problems to enhancing your relationship with your horse, long-lining can help you do just about anything. Explore the secrets of long-lining and discover how this tool can impact you and your horse. Join Anna Twinney together with her students and a range of horses. They vary from novice through to professional, each with their own character & personality. Experience the challenges they encounter and valuable insights to promote mutual understanding through gentle techniques.


Author: Mark Mottershead

HorseConscious is committed to providing a home for those horse lovers who think there must be a gentler way to be with horses. A way that doesn’t involve force or pressure.

As well as providing a community, where people can meet and exchange ideas, HorseConscious is also be a focal point for education in these methods.

The site is free for all and we are continually adding new articles and features and we’d love to hear of your experiences too!

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