Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s Summer Academy

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s Summer Academy

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Dear Friends

Together with a new clip about the free walking session with Chief I would like to point out the following about my new program 2014.

Each one of the participants in the compact education 2013 was convinced, that it was an entire journey towards authentic life. Being with a horse in my authentic way means with certainty to focus towards authentic issues in general – the living soul.

Just consider one thing: I started being with horses in the age of 29! One year later I wrote the book “Dancing with Horses”. In this book I am already describing all my principles until today. How was this possible? Because I grew up in the forest – alone – and I did in principle nothing more and nothing less than trying to increase my skills of surviving – my skills of authentic life. I worked with theater companies, as an artist, as a teacher in art schools, I walked alone for years in the Pyrenees etc.: I have been walking the path towards life my way – and it turned out, that this was exactly the path to the horses. With them I could understand immediately – what I had to do was to learn their language.

And to this origin I am coming back consequently now – Voyage to Your Authentic Self – Leadership & Management, Spiritual- and Body-Awareness – and of course the language of the horses. All this is contained in my compact education. My seminar-groups are small and individual. The Compact Education needs to be experienced – each participant of this year was agreeing in this fact. I am inviting you to my farm, my way of connecting with horses, with destiny and with a being with nature, which is in the same moment connected to our modern world. It is entirely focused towards the future.




Author: Mark Mottershead

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One Response to Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s Summer Academy

  1. UnDios says:

    Beautiful. . .in that simple sort of way. You’d think that humans would be able to understand the horse’s simple nature, since it is so uncomplicated, yet we insist on making our horses become dull and “stubborn” through all the noise we create. In this way we completely miss out on all the things they can teach us. I wish it hadn’t taken this long for me to realize that I am at fault for the majority of what my horse does “wrong.” I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey to a better understanding of my horse. . .as well as the person God created me to be.

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