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Preparation for Mounting a Nervous Horse

By Anna Twinney

The video above shows Savannah standing through numerous exercises designed to help support her nervousness about a rider attempting to mount. Watch as our rider ascends the mounting block, touching and teaching Savannah that she’s ok through this process. When she leaves the block, pay attention to how she rewards and praises Savannah and practices […]


Amazing Horse Reunion

By Admin

One of the HorseConscious readers wrote to us some time ago to share a little video she had made about a reunion of some of her horses – it has to be seen to be believed. What is even more amazing is that a year or so later and the video has had over 6.25 […]


One With the Herd

By Liz Mitten Ryan

‘One With the Herd’ is an award winning documentary telling the story of healing and connection, of the relationship between horses and humans. Horses have been at our sides for centuries, carrying us to war, to work, to play. On their backs, taking us to speeds and lands we can only travel in our dreams. […]

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