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Equine Assisted Learning
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This trailer is from the documentary 'The Path Of The Horse'
which led to the founding of HorseConscious
Many of the leaders and visionaries
in the documentary are part of:
The HorseConscious Advisory Board
What is HorseConscious? And How Can It Help You and Your Horse?

HorseConscious is your invitation to explore a world of horses beyond horsemanship.

If partnership is your starting point and a deep, rich relationship with your horse(s) your goal, then you've come to the right place.

HorseConscious celebrates not only the joy of true partnership with horses but the healing and inspiration they provide too.

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What HorseConscious Members are saying...

There’s an emerging group of conscious human beings, that are thinking about horses in a different way, … a less entitled way. In wanting ALL of our relationships to reflect our growing awareness and spiritual connectedness, we are already resonating with a whole network of like-minded horsey type folk. HorseConscious brings us together and joins us in support of one another.

Rebecca Gillham – CA, USA

Horse Conscious is a new and brave world of Horsemanship, where the horse is considered FIRST and partnerships are developed. HC explores how horse and human can be considered on equal ground in a co-existing, supportive relationship. HC focuses on promoting ways of being a better human for our horses and in kind, the horse becomes a true friend who’s service becomes joyful, meaningful and symbiotic.

Barb Fenwick – MB, Canada

It’s a super site that’s truly dedicated to the welfare of horses and to exploring ways to be with and connect with horses, other than just conventional riding. On it you can find out about teachers working in this area, contact like-minded people from all around the world, and meet other people in your own area.

Caitlin Collins – UK