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What People Are Saying About HorseConscious

“There’s an emerging group of conscious human beings, that are thinking about horses in a different way, … a less entitled way. In wanting ALL of our relationships to reflect our growing awareness and spiritual connectedness, we are already resonating with a whole network of like-minded horsey type folk. HorseConscious brings us together and joins us in support of one another.”
Rebecca Gillham – CA, USA

“HorseConscious is a great place to find information and contacts on people that work with horses in a very kind way. A way that puts the horse and the relationship between horse and human on the top of the list. A way where the welfare of the horse is most important.”
Jannie Smit – Australia

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“This site will open your eyes and your mind to a larger world of horses. It will give you lots of useful information. If you are on a path of expanding your consciousness it will give you ways to do that in the horse world. It has lots of the leading edge information on health, nutrition, behavior and partnership with horses.”
Penny Stone – TX, USA

“HorseConscious is an excellent site to let you know there our other alternatives in training and handling your horse. Bringing the horse and rider together in harmony. A oneness with the horse. The site gives you the rescuers to further your education and a community to help one another share ideas and meet new people.”
Christie Sewelin – IN, USA

“If you want to learn a kinder, gentler way of relating to your horse, check out the content at HorseConscious.”
Bonnie Ebsen Jackson – AZ, USA

“HorseConscious is looking at the alternatives that take into consideration ‘the horse”. In other words, it asks us to learn from the horse so that we can have a real connection and relationship with these animals.”
Christine Nilsson – MT, USA

“The site has a wealth of information that may help you on your journey in finding a better, kinder way with horses.”
Catherine Browne – VA, USA

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“A very useful site for those seeking keys that will give concrete options to the prompting of the heart for something more sincere with horses.”
Renate Andrasevits Reed – CA, USA

“The HorseConscious community is about how to have the kind of relationship we all long for. This is a community that recognizes the positive effects horses can have on humans, and the responsibility that gives us as humans. It shows how we grow as we learn how to be with them. Horses teach us how to have successful relationship with something way bigger and more powerful than we are, and that includes Nature and the Divine.”
Barbara Snow – MN, USA

“It’s a super site that’s truly dedicated to the welfare of horses and to exploring ways to be with and connect with horses, other than just conventional riding. On it you can find out about teachers working in this area, contact like-minded people from all around the world, and meet other people in your own area.”
Caitlin Collins – UK

“It is so much more than training a horse. It is learning more about yourself through your horse’s eyes. There is always a healing going on when you are in relationship with a horse and that is what HorseConscious is all about.”
Cindy Kraft – OK, USA

“It’s a place to meet like-minded people where not only do you feel less ‘alone’ or ‘weird’ but where you can feel you are actually contributing to a better life for horses.”
Susan Garvin – Italy

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“Completely unbiased and serious in promoting welfare and knowledge of horses as healers and intelligent beings.”
Vivian Hood – IL, USA

“For those looking for an alternative perspective on horses and horsemanship that is more concerned with the horse and their welfare generally than it’s use in competitive pursuits”
Elaine Hughes – Australia

“For alternative ways of keeping and interacting with horses as most of the people I meet are traditional (western riders). HorseConscious is about alternative horse ownership practices and is at the center of the new age for the life style of the horse.”
Monica Bretschneider – QC, Canada

“It is a great network where you get information about great methods for Natural horsemanship and other training methods. I recommend every one who wants to be in partnership with her his horse this is a great way to get knowledge and great contacts “
Anette Stjarnhjarta – VA, USA

“HorseConscious is a world-wide collection of like-minded people that are dedicated to the true welfare of the horse. We are not afraid to speak out against abuse, whatever form it may take.”
Sarah Reagan – TN, USA

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“Horse Conscious is a new and brave world of Horsemanship, where the horse is considered FIRST and partnerships are developed. HC explores how horse and human can be considered on equal ground in a co-existing, supportive relationship. This new venue offers insights into deeper communication, gentler ways and thoughtful management of horses in as natural an environment as possible. HC focuses on promoting ways of being a better human for our horses and in kind, the horse becomes a true friend who’s service becomes joyful, meaningful and symbiotic.”
Barb Fenwick – MB, Canada

“It is the perfect place to start your journey. HorseConscious was the beginning for me. The Path of The Horse by Stormy May was the inspiration behind it which can only be a good thing as she opened all our eyes to a new way. You can get as involved as much or as little as you like.”
Carolyn Bourchier – UK

“I would recommend it to people who are interested in the forefront of transformation of the Equine Industry as well as how we relate to one another as people.”
Deb Ainsworth – ON, Canda