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Bitless Riding – Is The Horse World Coming Of Age?

By Kelly Bick

Way back when I was a kid and I first learned to ride, the idea of not using a bit was unheard of. It wasn’t even in the realm of consideration. Just like breathing, bitless was not even thought about, let alone debated as an option. Bits just were. Returning to horses many years later […]


Warrior’s New Shoes

By Mark

As beautiful as Warrior is, he has one serious flaw. He has soft soles and feet that are seriously off kilter. When he was rescued he had hoof wall abscesses which made him unridable. My first farrier Rob Hoffman was experienced in both shoeing and bare foot practice, he managed to keep Warrior fairly comfortable. […]


The Four Pillars of Natural Hoof Care

By Narayan Khalsa

Natural Boarding Jaime observed, and others have confirmed, that the Great Basin wild horses travel 10- 20 miles every single day, over varying terrain including lots of volcanic rock. They navigate it effortlessly. The energy of predation, in other words, having natural predators, keeps the horse moving, bending to observe their surroundings, keeping in peak […]


The Cruelty Of Equestrian Sports

By Alexander Nevzorov

” … equestrian sport by nature can’t be even defined as a sport. Yes, any sport includes records and victories, but these records and victories are gained by one’s own sweat and blood, by one’s own pains and efforts. And equestrian sport (if we study the issue) represents parasitizing on physical abilities of another living […]

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