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Learning Compassionate Communication

By Tess Delismurf

Testimonial from a participant of Stormy May’s Compassionate Communication with Horses online course. We all know that communication is important. Of course it is. Where would we be if we couldn’t communicate at all? But are we always communicating well? To the best of our ability? Clearly? And most importantly, with kindness? It’s something that […]


What is Good Horsemanship

By Ari Sizemore

You may not know it by reading articles, but I’m actually a quiet, peace keeping individual. The further I move from the equestrian competition spheres of the horse world, the more “radical” and “out there” my beliefs about horse care and horsemanship become. I still feel a fair amount of anxiety every time I hit […]


Using Treats To Your Horse

By Stina Herberg

When I first rescued the herd in 2007, I did not use treats. The reason is that I wanted to be sure that when the horses finally would choose my company she would come because she felt good in my company. I also wanted my horses to respond as she would with a lead horse […]


Interacting With the Horse at Liberty or Not

By Sivia Gold

I’d like to talk about interacting with the horse at liberty, or not. First, a clarification regarding how I view the difference between unsecured and at liberty. Basically, when the horse is unsecured, she is standing still, untied and we are doing things like grooming her, cleaning her feet, saddling her, etc. I do most […]


How To Stay Fit For Riding

By Martine du floo

When I entered the equestrian world, I was amazed that riders and amazons were constantly working on the condition of their horse. Training, nutrition and the environment…… it is all well studied and put into place to enable our horse to become a top-athlete. But it surprised me that the riders and amazons mostly completely […]

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