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Give Your Horse Feedom Of Choice

By Franklin Levinson

Humans take away freedom of choice by locking criminals in jails as punishment for their crimes. Consider the horse, always innocent and has not committed any crime but has little, if any, real freedoms or freedom of choice. It is made to do our bidding when and where we want it to and compelled to […]


Holistic Horsemanship – Mind the Horse

By Susan Gordon

I frequently tell people everything I know I learned from horses. Of course, that’s not entirely true, but I certainly have learned a lot of life’s lessons either as a result of owning horses, or through experiences with horses themselves. Retiring from a long career as a professional rider and trainer, I took up running […]


Horsemanship With Reach Out To Horses

By Anna Twinney

Horses have walked this Earth for more than 54 million years. While some do not consider them among the brightest of the animal kingdom, most are unaware that through their lengthy tenure on this planet they have created an effective non-verbal language that some have coined “the language of Equus.” This is a language that […]


Blue Tongue Dressage

By Guest Contributor

Well, the big news of the last week and month has been the shocking video of a warm-up at a World Cup dressage qualifier, which has become known as the blue tongue dressage video. Be warned though, it does not make for easy viewing. When I first watched the video, I was immediately struck by […]

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