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Interview with Susan de Klein

By Martine du floo

This is the story of Susan de Klein, born in Ewijk, the Netherlands. Susan was raised in a self-employed family. As she loved animals already as a child, she had different kind of animals and took great pleasure in taking care of them. As an 8 year old, she often went running in the forest […]


The Power of Proper Posturing and Proper Alignment

By Sivia Gold

Part 4 of 4 – Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [ARTICLE] – I could easily fill several chapters on the subject of Proper Posturing and Proper Alignment, so this article is an overview….. Click here to read the rest of the article… Posturing is the body’s positioning, both laterally and longitudinally. Proper Alignment […]


Bitless Training System

By Ishbak Shehadeh

This system is for any equestrian sport or activity, except for racehorses. It was designed to make the transition from bit to bitless, and not to start horses from zero. I developed a variation of this system for first starting horses that I explain separately, not in this publication. Illustrations by Pabla Ortuzar. Step 1 […]


How To Use A Round Pen

By Franklin Levinson

Round pens, or round arenas have been utilized when training and gentling horses for ions. Lately however, there seems to be some controversy regarding this particular tool. I call it a tool because that is exactly what it is. Like any tool it is neither good nor bad within itself. It is all up to […]

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