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Returning to Riding Part 1 – Training Harry

By Greg Glendell

I had not ridden regularly for many years, but took up riding again recently. In early 2013 I bought Harry; an un-backed 15 hh chestnut Crabbett Arab gelding. Harry’s registered name is Magic Magnet, by Ibn Silver out of Bint Magnetta; born 1st June 2009. He lives out with a rescue pony, Dobbin; neither is […]


Seeing is Believing For Horses

By Franklin Levinson

If we step on the paw of a dog or cat is sequels. If someone steps on our toes or we close a door on our hand we make a sound that says; “that hurts!” Often we use an expletive, four letter words we would not use unless something is really painful physically. Horses do […]


Horses aren’t made to be ridden

By Chuck Mintzlaff

Before you start sharpening the pitchforks, boiling the tar and collecting feathers, perhaps I should explain. It’s a beautiful cool Spring day, and I’m going out riding with a very dear friend as soon as I finish writing this. In fact, we’d be long gone by now except for something that came up a little […]


The Power of Total Relaxation

By Sivia Gold

Part 3 of 4 – Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 4 Please note that everything in this article applies to humans as well. From everything I have seen and experienced, there are two different states of relaxation: 100% Relaxation Total Relaxation 100% Relaxation is a state that is absent of all tension, both Necessary […]


Fridays Odyssey

By Ari Sizemore

I think we’re overdue for an update on the young mustang gelding, Friday. A lot has happened in less than a year. Friday is now comfortable with having his feet handled thanks to clicker training, time and patience. He was ill enough that we were concerned for his life. Thankfully he recovered and came back […]

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