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Defrost the Fun!

By Stacey Chamberlain

I am so excited! But first of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would also like to apologise in advance, as the sudden need to put thoughts and feelings into words, may well render this a meandering and somewhat garbled journey. Having recently purchased a […]


Artistic Inspirations – The Creation of Navarre

By Kim McElroy

While attending the 2000 Western Idaho Horse Fair in Boise, I met a beautiful woman in her sixties who approached my art display booth. With an air of self-assurance, she introduced herself as Kathryn, and asked what I charged for commissioned portraits. She went on to explain that her daughter, Tracey, was a partner in […]


The Thankful Dance

By Guest Contributor

With a deep desire to understand and experience the bond with horses and all of life, I began rereading Carolyn Resnick’s incredible book, ‘Naked Liberty’, for the fourth time in as many years. Each time I immerse myself in her stories, they become more a part of the fiber of my being as well as […]



By Guest Contributor

Sasha stood at the fence line along the deserted road without expectation. A chill wind drifted through the fresh spring air like a memorandum acknowledging the unease that lingered in her mind. “Which way out?” she thought as she looked down at her chapped hands. She should have worn gloves. But she’d left in a […]

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