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The Wind Horse’s Prayer

By Sandra Wallin

Return to Freedom… Don’t you just feel your heart skip a beat when you read those words? Mine sure did, and does, for I know within the loving and protective embrace of America’s Wild Horse Sanctuary awaits the stuff that dreams are made of… MUSTANGS! So when I read about Tony Stromberg’s photography workshop there […]


Watching And Waiting

By Larry Hannon

I stand here in the morning mist Quietly watching and waiting The air is filled with Pegasus’ kiss From nostril flared, exhaling Staccato’d hooves pivot and step Like a fine flamenco dancer Nostrils roll, they prance with snap For this – there is no answer For they are proud and noble steeds No arrogance do […]


Polo’s Story – Part 1

By Mark

He had a soft look in his eyes. I noticed it a hot day in August 2004. They say the eyes are a window to the soul, I believe that. I knew he was not a mean or untrainable horse. On the contrary, Polo was an intelligent horse with a huge heart. I was hired […]


The Story Of A Horse Called Jiggs

By Mark

It was the spring of 1968 and the Asst. Dean of the College of Agriculture at OSU had called me into his office to tell me I wasn’t to come back to school that coming fall. I was 12 hours short of graduating! He said I was a bad influence on the student body. Something […]

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