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What is a horse to you?

By Chris Wolf

In some parts of the world, like Romania for instance, this would be a silly question. Over there in Eastern Romania you own a horse so it can work. And that is it. What is a horse to you? Why do you own a horse? Almost no one keeps a horse for work purposes nowadays […]


Listen To Your Horse

By Linda Kohanov

Sometimes people ask me how I can tell what a horse is feeling. To the untrained eye, equine facial expressions do seem more limited than ours. However, horses more than make up for this through consistent, meaningful changes in ear position and body posture that are recognizable at a considerable distance, an important adaptation for […]


Learning Healthy Coping Skills With Horses

By Wendy Elrick

The horses are fabulous teachers of all sorts of coping skills. The general way they live embodies the function of coping skills. Namely, they are very good at honouring themselves. They don’t try to be someone else. When I look at each horse at The Equine Connection, each of their ten personalities jumps out at […]


Horses And Nature As A Path To Awakening

By Beate Maria Sommer

Horses have made me a better person. Definitely, positively. Indisputably. They are telling me. My family and friends tell me. I can tell. Not that I was a bad person before. And in the realm of horsemanship, I have always treated my horses well and looked for more considerate, softer and natural ways of training […]


What Is True Leadership?

By Mark

Before reading this, take some time – and I mean real time more then seconds and minutes – to think about your answer to this question and then compare notes… The word itself can be transformed into the sentence: having knowledge ( -ship ) about leading (leader- ) The reason for me writing this article […]

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