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To Ride or Not to Ride

By Kathy Pike

I have had a beautiful dirty palomino paint mare for about one year. I bought her when she was lame with high hopes that someday she would be balanced and sound enough to be a nice riding horse. Diva is her name and she is a broodmare. Having babies is what she has always been […]


Do You Hear What I Hear?

By Sandra Wallin

It is common for folks to recount stories of their visits with the horses but every now and again, someone will relay an experience which can only be described as a literal “message from the herd”. In keeping with the winter theme of this issue, I’m reminded of a visit the horses and I one […]


EAHAE Conference 2013

By Tiffany MacNeil

DAY 1 The EAHAE Conference 2013 started off with a bang (literally) on Thursday evening! Jackie Stevenson held her Native American drum aloft to gather the group as a community of rhythm, motion and emotion. It was a reminder that although we have come together from different countries, the horses tell us that we all […]


Principles Of (Horse Conscious) Leadership

By Paul Hunting

We’re all passionate about the well-being of horses. We know we live in a world where, by our standards, even ‘normal’ behaviour towards horses often seems cruel, abusive and totally unnecessary. I am working closely with a horse rescue charity who does wonderful work in Wales and some of the stories we hear are heartbreaking. […]


The Power of the Herd Interview

By Mark

  Author Linda Kohanov talks about her new book ‘The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation’. This book will make complete horse sense for anyone who seeks to thrive in the herds we all run in — our communities, careers, families, and friendships.

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