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Connect With Horses Through Peace

By Stina Herberg

To enter the world of horses we need to be aware. Thinking all the time about the future and the past is not a part of a horse’s world. We’re often jumping between future and past. One thought after the other rise. In between there is the present. The past is finished and the future […]


True Liberty

By Alessandra Deerinck

Stepping in open grassland near Warner Springs CA woke up all my senses. I have never felt as aware, and free as I felt at that moment. I was trying to find some horses that I had seen, few days before, grazing in the same place. They weren’t there, but their presence was evident, and […]


A Few Words From The Horse….

By Mark

Look, [expletive deleted] we don’t do ‘alone.’ In OUR world, in OUR culture, in OUR way of life, we are only told to leave our immediate family when we reach maturity to form our own family. The young mares are quickly assimilated into another stallion’s family (harem band) or won by one of the stallions […]


Do You Want To Dance With Your Horse?

By Paul Sloot

This article will be explaining how I came to dance with my horses on a regular basis. I was motivated to write this, because it explains how I “ran with destiny”, a subject that, as I learnt recently, is a very important part of interacting with horses. And, how dangerous it is, when you don’t! […]


What Is Friendship Training

By Mark

In this call recording, Chuck Mintzlaff explains exactly what Friendship Training is and how it can help you and your horse. We’d love to hear your comments below… You can find out more about Friendship Training and contact Chuck via the Friendship Training website. Enhanced audio only version – Click to Play: Friendship Training To […]

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