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Being With Horses Beyond The Mirror

By Irma ten Brink

Healing is all about letting go. And in this letting go you can find back your natural state. The horse lives only here and now. You need to be in the here and now to be able to let go. The horse is nature and lives his natural state. He can’t do anything else. He […]


Shift Your Awareness, Shift Your Energy

By Kerri Lake

An excerpt from Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance Recently my friend Olivia was asking my advice about how to work with a stallion who had not been handled in a very long time. Several people had tried but walked away afraid of this horse. He would bare his teeth, run around, rear up […]


Kingdom of the Spirit

By Mark

We will start by telling you that the horse was here, on this planet, before humanity, The purpose of the horse as a being was to anchor the Kingdom of the Spirit here. By ‘Kingdom of the Spirit’ we mean the planetary oversoul, overspirit actually, of all of life on this planet. For example, you […]


Have Domesticated Horses Learned To Read Humans?

By Guest Contributor

I recently read a fascinating research report which looked into whether or not domesticated horses have developed an innate predisposition to read human communicative and attentional cues. It is already well known that many captive wild animals are able to learn to read human behaviour through exposure to people during their lifetimes. However it has […]


Reiki For Horses – Gentling Mustangs in Cody, WY

By Anna Twinney

Individuals from all around the Globe join Anna Twinney in Cody, WY to experience the connection with wild horses. Its here they learn to connect through energy, body language, intention and thoughts. Its here they learn the whisper from the Mustangs themselves. Its here they learn from amazing teachers, the natives, the horses. [youtube]xbwQqCkQmeI[/youtube] Reiki […]

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