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One With the Herd

By Liz Mitten Ryan

‘One With the Herd’ is an award winning documentary telling the story of healing and connection, of the relationship between horses and humans. Horses have been at our sides for centuries, carrying us to war, to work, to play. On their backs, taking us to speeds and lands we can only travel in our dreams. […]


Raising A Foal – Part 2

By Paul Sloot

His name is Azzari, Persian for Fire. And full of fire he is! Introduction: This series is about my adventures with my foal Azzari. I decided to share my experiences, because there are a lot of things that CAN happen, SHOULD happen, and WILL happen, and of course there are also things that SHOULD NOT […]


Connect With Horses Through Peace

By Stina Herberg

To enter the world of horses we need to be aware. Thinking all the time about the future and the past is not a part of a horse’s world. We’re often jumping between future and past. One thought after the other rise. In between there is the present. The past is finished and the future […]


How To Communicate Without Words

By Mark

If there was any further proof needed that horses have emotional intelligence and sensitivity, here it is as a boy with Williams Syndrome meets a new friend…

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