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I Love Homeopathy (An Introduction to Homeopathy)

By Renate Reed

Please Note: The following is for educational purposes, always consult your health practitioner. I love homeopathy, because it saved my life. My body never handled allopathic medications well; the symptoms stayed, along with a new layer the side effects the medications evoked in my body. This set me on a path to rediscover original methods […]


20+ Thoughts About Burnout & Sour Of Working Equines

By Jayna Wekenman

Sour, burnout, and other conditions (i.e. depressed, unhappy, behavioral vices, stressed) are concerns amongst Equine-Assisted fields (including Therapeutic Riding).  Many organizations, conferences, forums, articles, and workshops address concerns.  Despite efforts and suggestions, these are still concerns. The following are personal thoughts relating to addressing the topics, understanding what’s occurring, and contributing positively towards greater well […]


When Is A Horse Not A Horse?

By Tess Delismurf

I recently took on a boy called Tycho, a two and half year old hand reared colt, now gelded, and the reactions I got were very mixed. I say mixed, only one person, a friend who has brought up a hand reared foal before, said go for it.. everyone else thought I was insane to […]


Equine Nutrition For The Fall & Winter Months

By Larry Hannon

Here in Northwest Texas we have had adequate rain through the summer months, and the grass still grows with a nice green color. However, the forbs and grasses are rapidly losing their nutritive values, and I have already recognized that my horses have begun losing weight, and the luster in their hair coats. Time to […]


Love Makes The World Go Round!

By Alison Zeidler

Yes, that might be a cliché, but love really is the basis for connection, for healing, for trust, and for a deep-rooted sense of peace and safety. Love is in every interaction we have in our day to day lives, whether it’s with our horses, dogs and cats, our friends, strangers on the street, co-workers, […]

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