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Beate Maria Sommer

I feel grateful for all the remarkable teachers in my life. A lot of my most profound learning and growth is in the presence of horses. They are gifted in guiding me back to my authentic self with humbling acceptance and pure integrity. When I gave up ego centered training and began to go to my horses with genuine inquiry such as “What will we learn from each other today?” and “What wants to happen?”, obstacles turned into challenges which became stepping stones. The door into the world of magic with horses flew wide open. Now the journey is the destination and each moment is filled with wonder, joy and gratitude. I am also an experienced and qualified Body-Psychotherapist, Life Coach with Horses, Energy Healer and Artist. My passion is to be a guide for presence, authenticity and joy. I live happily with an extended family on my beautiful farm "Aurora Valley - Take Time to Smell the Horses" in Northern NSW, Australia.


Horses And Nature As A Path To Awakening

By Beate Maria Sommer

Horses have made me a better person. Definitely, positively. Indisputably. They are telling me. My family and friends tell me. I can tell. Not that I was a bad person before. And in the realm of horsemanship, I have always treated my horses well and looked for more considerate, softer and natural ways of training […]