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Our philosophy is that there are kinder, gentler, easier and nicer ways to do things with our horses than many traditional ways. We like to call this type of horsemanship, 'good (or ethical) horsemanship'. Good Horsemanship is a very personal thing, made up of a bit of this person, a bit of that technique, your own learnings, a dash of philosophy, a splash of adventure but as always the best teacher is the horse. Horse Retirement and Boarding | Transition to Bitless Riding | Barehoof Trimming | Horse Connection | Country Guest House.


Bitless Riding – Is The Horse World Coming Of Age?

By Kelly Bick

Way back when I was a kid and I first learned to ride, the idea of not using a bit was unheard of. It wasn’t even in the realm of consideration. Just like breathing, bitless was not even thought about, let alone debated as an option. Bits just were. Returning to horses many years later […]