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Liz Collett

Liz Collett has been surrounded by animals most of her life, born and raised in the farming community of Southland, New Zealand. All kinds of animals have shared her life but horses have always held a special attraction. Her journey with Homeopathy and horses has enabled Liz to develop a deep understanding of the stresses the horses of today experience living in our world. A well prescribed homeopathic remedy, tailored to the individual horse, can assist to re-balance their energy and in turn promote optimum health and a more harmonious relationship with the people and places of its environment.


A Horse Called Stratus

By Liz Collett

Stratus was my “horse in a million” initially for all the wrong reasons. She deserves to have her story told – it is a gift to those who work with horses. I was working as a foaling attendant on a Thoroughbred stud farm in New Zealand when I first met Stratus, and studying part time […]