Liz Mitten Ryan - Artist, Author and Horse Expert
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Liz Mitten Ryan

Liz Mitten Ryan is an artist and the co-author of four award winning spiritual horse books with her herd of horses, her dogs, cats, a pet steer and two llamas. When Liz moved to Gateway 2 Ranch in 1999, she embarked on a life changing journey. The 320 acres of untouched forests, meadows and lakes, became the pasture and home to Liz and her herd of warmblood horses.


One With the Herd

By Liz Mitten Ryan

‘One With the Herd’ is an award winning documentary telling the story of healing and connection, of the relationship between horses and humans. Horses have been at our sides for centuries, carrying us to war, to work, to play. On their backs, taking us to speeds and lands we can only travel in our dreams. […]