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Narayan Khalsa

Narayan Khalsa is a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner trained under the AANHCP and Co-founder of Effective Pet Wellness, a company specializing in clearing infectious disease is equines, cats, and dogs. Effective Pet Wellness provides 100% guaranteed herbal formulas that are designed to eliminate all known infections, including strongyles and even EPM. Narayan has a growing clientele of sound horses in the Southwest, where he practices true natural hoof care modeled after the free roaming horses of the Great Basin. His personal blog on Natural Hoof Care is Also visit here


The Four Pillars of Natural Hoof Care

By Narayan Khalsa

Natural Boarding Jaime observed, and others have confirmed, that the Great Basin wild horses travel 10- 20 miles every single day, over varying terrain including lots of volcanic rock. They navigate it effortlessly. The energy of predation, in other words, having natural predators, keeps the horse moving, bending to observe their surroundings, keeping in peak […]