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Suze Kenington

Suze Kenington was riding before she was born – mustering in her mother’s belly on their New Zealand farm. She competed in her teens and returned to riding as an adult after studying, living in the UK and travelling the world. Being with horses had now changed - relationship was far more important than ribbons. A lifelong fascination of wondering ‘why we do the things we do’ combined with Theta Healing and Animal Communication training inspired her to become an Equestrian Mindset Coaching as a way to open people’s hearts and minds to how horses deserve to be treated. Suze has found that the relationship you have with yourself is a very important driver of the relationship you have with your horse. She supports people as they explore their inner world for the good of their riding along with traditional mindset journeys of moving people from dreams to goals to plans to results and from fear and procrastination to fun. If she had a magic wand she would give everyone a double shot of kindness – to themselves, to other humans, to the earth and especially to horses! Find Suze at


Dooie’s Words of Wisdom

By Suze Kenington

Most horse owners are familiar with that sinking feeling when they know, in their gut, something isn’t right. This feeling chilled me to the bone early one calm summer’s morning. It was to be the last time I felt this for Dooie. She had been my teacher for 8 years and arrived as a hyped up thoroughbred mare […]