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Tara Aal

Tara is an artist. Through creative expression, she explores and shares her intimate realm of feelings and emotions. In her practice of astrology and tarot, she supports others in discovering more about themselves, revealing more truth. Tara is slowly letting go of her mind and choosing to live more in her heart and body. She seeks new ways of relating, being in community and authentically expressing herself. She is committed to letting go of her old patterns and blockages and helping others do the same. Nature and Horses are amongst her greatest and wisest teachers. www.taraaal.com


My Journey With Zoe

By Tara Aal

I started taking riding lessons a year ago, seeking to learn from the horse how to be more authentic and instinctual. I wanted to be in my heart and body more, after half a lifetime addicted to my head. A few months before my 40th birthday, I found a new teacher, and her name is […]