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Interested In What Equine Assisted Learning Can Do For You?

If you’ve found your way to this page, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of Equine Assisted Learning.

If so, HorseConscious provides you with a wealth of material and a host of teachers on the subject and all it’s associated disciplines. Scroll down the page to browse and learn more.

If you are not familiar with how horses can help us understand ourselves better, let us explain.

The days when horses carried humans across continents and into war and have now all but gone and the main use of horses today is for leisure and pleasure pursuits. Or is it?

Horses have an arguably more important role to play nowadays and that is to help us evolve both individually and as a species. Personal development through horses, if you will.

So what can we learn from horses?

As prey animals, they are naturally extremely sensitive to the intentions of others and as such act as they can act as ‘mirrors’ to humans in a learning or therapy situation. They pick up on how a person is feeling even if the person doesn’t know themself. Their reaction to the human reveals information about how he or she really come across to others.

Contrary to popular belief, horses do not live in fear and they in fact demonstrate high levels of emotional agility and are enormously patient and forgiving, as you have no doubt experienced.

Horses in herds are living examples of the evolutionary advantage of mutual aid over competition, incorporating individual and group needs simultaneously. They live mostly in a state of peace and connection, whilst all the time remaining in a state of relaxed awareness. However, should they be attached by predators such as wolves, they demonstrate exemplary collective non-predatory power in action.

All in all, we have a great deal to learn from horses and you can start your own journey of self discovery by starting with these articles to set you on your way:

Power Of The Herd Interview

7 Steps for Being Authentic With Your Horse

What Is True Leadership?

Using Equine Guided Leadership To Develop Emotional Intelligence

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