Blue Tongue Dressage Video That Led To Ban On Hyperflexion aka Rollkur
Blue tongue dressage video

Blue Tongue Dressage

Well, the big news of the last week and month has been the shocking video of a warm-up at a World Cup dressage qualifier, which has become known as the blue tongue dressage video. Be warned though, it does not make for easy viewing.

When I first watched the video, I was immediately struck by the obvious and horrible images that take place in the first few minute or so before the rider intervenes. Actually though, what followed was to me even more profoundly shocking because it was so unnatural. It is easy to imagine someone who has never even seen a horse before, watching the video and saying: “Surely that’s not natural, is it?”

It’s amazing what a storm this is creating though. Carolyn Resnick not only sent in a statement but mentioned it on her blog recently, which generated a lot of supportive and useful comments. I have heard too from Lydia Nevzorov, who has submitted statements from both Alexander and herself, and more comments are following all the time.

The power of online social media world is immense and with a ‘sleeper’ story such as this one, it relies on the people on the leading edge to spread the message on to their own networks and so it propagates.

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Here is a video in support of the ban from regular HorseConscious contributor Stina Herberg:

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: The FEI moved to ban the practice following the release of the video above –
read more here

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