Learning Compassionate Communication

Learning Compassionate Communication

Stormy May

Testimonial from a participant of Stormy May’s Compassionate Communication with Horses online course.

We all know that communication is important. Of course it is. Where would we be if we couldn’t communicate at all? But are we always communicating well? To the best of our ability? Clearly? And most importantly, with kindness? It’s something that we take for granted, and something that we all think we know how to do. But do we?

In a recent conversation with Stormy May we discussed these issues and she suggested I could learn more about these things in her course, Compassionate Communication with Horses.

It all sounds innocent enough, and you begin with an idea that you’ll get an insight into the mind of the horse and the different, friendlier, and indeed more compassionate ways you can deal with him in your day to day.

What I experienced was so much more that I’m still trying to make sense of it a couple of weeks after finishing the course. I am now part of an ongoing exploration group where I can stay in touch with Stormy and other graduates of the course. This is a process that now I’ve started I don’t want to stop.

The world changed when I closely looked at the way I communicate.

The exercises in the main course were things I had come across in other areas of life, theatre training, philosophical thought, perhaps even meditation and the teachings of Zen, but as the course began, I realized the emphasis was so different from what I was expecting that it’s made my world turn around considerably.

Compassionate Communication became the way you conduct yourself, and as the exercises take root, you find yourself viewing a very different world to the one you were looking at before starting.

Stormy emphasizes the importance of presence, experiencing a true present, in every interaction with our horses, and with other people and animals, and most importantly, with ourselves. This has allowed me to sort out things this week that I have been procrastinating over for 18 months! And it all seems so much easier to do.

Never mind the horses…

Stormy could well be running courses in self-therapy; it would seem her empathy and wisdom extends far further than a communication with animals.

She has found a way of connecting to ourselves and imparts her ideas with such clarity that somehow, it just seems to work. You’re not even sure what you’re looking at until you’ve seen it, and then you’re not so sure what you’ve seen, but are rather left with the feeling that somewhere your logical mind has linked with the subconscious and made a blurry world a little clearer.

I won’t use the word magic, because I’m aware that makes me sound like a hippy. But what I will say, is that this course provides participants with a whole new way of seeing, that was there all along, but that can sometimes be lost, or forgotten.

But do mind the horses!

The influence of the horse has rubbed off on Stormy to the extent that she communicates like they do, with compassion and understanding, and her influence is bigger than the form of herself.

The calmness rubs off, just like it does from the horses. My attitudes are not suddenly perfect, and I’m not suddenly a non-cynical sweet thing, but I feel like I could very well get close with Stormy’s help. This course fell into my consciousness completely by accident, but it came at exactly the right time.

The power of the group

Stormy’s course has brought me into contact with people that I would never otherwise know, but who all understand that there are better ways, and that finding them may very well be a group or herd effort.
I feel supported by the group and inspired by the exercises, and not only that.

Stormy’s calm influence has had an incredible effect on my manic little overload mind

If you’re the kind of person that can confuse yourself when your intentions don’t match your actions, or where you get lost in the mire of should and should not, do and do not, this is definitely a course worth looking at.

In the course, we’re getting into self-help territory in a big way. But not in a way that relies on glitz and excitement and the power of suggestion, as offered by gurus or life coaches as the essential, human answer to life, the universe and everything, and not as some new age touting of old ideas where being right can be as important as being right on, but as an exploration of our own soul, coming from the viewpoint of an animal, because essentially, that’s what we are.

To communicate without language is more than body language, more than feel and lightness. And to be present is to be aware, and calmly aware. A place of calm can be achieved more easily and quickly than we think, a way out of the Tempest.

How ironic that her name is Stormy.

Stormy’s next program begins April 2nd – Sign up by March 18th and get $100 early bird discount!

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Tess Delismurf

Tess runs Delismurf, a sanctuary for abandoned, abused, and difficult horses. Jokingly referred to as the “Ponitentiary” the horses are reintroduced to kindness, and to living the most natural life possible for a horse. As some of the horses came to the centre with serious hoof issues, Tessie learned how to fix feet with corrective trimming, so far with great success. Originally trained in theatre design and acting, she taught theatre at The University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, and was a teacher of drama in secondary school, as well as a lifelong performing musician and fire eating, stilt walking circus performer. She has for the last few years studied both Human and Equine Psychology and is an active campaigner for Equine Rights. Delismurf is funded by ponysitting for people who need a holiday(!) and by work done with people and their horses to explore their relationships and improve the confidence of owners. Barriers of fear are broken down and a partnership that is based on honesty and trust can be formed. No one understands subtext like an actor or a horse. www.delismurfponysitters.com

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