The Power Of Laughter

The Power Of Laughter

I have found that when interacting with horses, the less serious you are, and the more you maintain a sense of humor, the better things go.

I used to be quite serious, in my life and in my interactions with my horses.  However, about seven years ago, I decided to lighten up, try to see the humorous side of things, both in my life and my interactions with my horses.  It didn’t happen overnight, but I gradually became better and better at it.  I enjoyed life more, and my horses seemed to enjoy it when I laughed.  They appeared to take it as a sign that all is well.  They especially loved to hear me laugh when they had done something a little naughty, that was also funny to me.  I think they were relieved to hear me laugh, when they knew they’d been naughty and should have been scolded.

The area I live in has a tendency to be windy.  Fortunately, we don’t get a whole lot of days of really bad wind, but it does happen now and then.

One day about four and a half years ago on one of those bad days when the wind was blowing really hard, I decided to put Sweetie on the lunge line for a little bit of walk, trot, and canter before I turned her out onto the thirty acre pasture.  This was a short time before I discovered and developed The BIG Eraser and The Triple R, back when she was still an extremely hot and fearful crazy woman.  She was particularly high that day, and I didn’t want her tearing around the pasture like a bat out of hell and possibly injuring herself, so I wanted to just take the edge off a little first.

The indoor arena is quite loud and scary when the wind is that bad, and not at all conducive to calming a horse down, so I took her to the outdoor arena.  I had her walk quite a bit both directions, and then trot both directions until she was relaxed enough to give me a nice, quiet canter.

DSCN0515I was holding the lunge line near the end (obviously not very tightly, LOL!) and she was cantering a 20 meter circle to the left, when suddenly the wind ripped the lunge line out of my hand!  Oh no!  The wind then proceeded to whip the lunge line up and down like a snake as it dragged alongside and behind her.  She immediately sped up and started running like there was a banshee on her tail.  The faster she went, the more it whipped, and the more it whipped, the faster she went.  Around and around she went, paying no head to my attempts to get her to slow down and stop.  There is no fence around my outdoor arena, but amazingly, she stayed not only inside the arena, but pretty much on the circle, although it grew into a bigger and bigger egg as she sped around faster and faster.

All of a sudden, the picture of her tearing around, and the lunge line writhing like a 30 foot snake out to get her made me burst out laughing.  To my utter amazement, within three strides she stopped dead in her tracks.  It was quite an athletic feat, really.  She even stopped completely squared up, and even though she was still obviously quite petrified, she did not move a muscle as I laughed my way over to her.

Yes, there is great power in laughter. 🙂

The photos are more recent, showing the new and improved Sweetie, calm, relaxed and peaceful.

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Sivia Gold

Sivia Gold has spent a long lifetime with horses, riding, training, competing in a variety of sports, and healing. In October of 2010 she discovered and developed an extremely simple and easy, but very powerful technique that assists the horse in releasing both mental/emotional and physical tension and replacing it with relaxation. It soon earned the name The BIG Eraser. At about the same time, she began developing simple techniques for replacing both mental/emotional and physical negative habits and patterns with positive ones. These techniques became known as The Triple R (Release, Reprogram and Redevelop). All of this evolved into The BETR Journey, a complete program of healing and educating horses and their humans . The BETR Journey is a clear and simple step-by-step approach that utilizes The BIG Eraser (BE),The Triple R (TR), and a kind, intelligent approach in order to systematically develop a deep and trusting relationship with the horse and wonderful interactions on the ground and in the saddle.


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