Drawn to Horses - Why We Draw Horses

Drawn to Horses – Why We Draw Horses

Drawn to horses

There are those of us who are mysteriously drawn to horses, as if in some ancient time or place, we have experienced their true nature, and we recognize them at some deep level of our consciousness.

For some of us, we recognize this connection at an early age. From the time we can function as a conscious being, we hearken to the horses as a beacon, ahomecoming, an unspoken longing for something we can’t define. For these people, horses are in their earliest expressions, their wishes, their words, and horses appear in their own early childhood drawings.

Other people experience this unspoken attraction sometimes later in life. They may become aware that the horse means something very important to them, if they only knew what it was. If these people don’t encounter horses, many of them only become aware of these feelings when their emotions are triggered by images of horses in movies, photographs, or works of art. Many of these people cannot define the meanings behind their feelings, and if their lifestyle doesn’t include a way to be with a horse, they relegate the desire to a fantasy and put it in a forgotten corner of their heart.

Then there are those of us who become involved with real horses. You would think that being with horses would answer these riddles and fulfill all parts of the longing that is in us. Yet the real horse is often more of an enigma than imaginary ones, and being in their presence only enhances the awe and mystery by which we regard them. A testimony to this is the centuries of mankind’s depiction of the horse in art and literature.

My artwork, just like an encounter with a real horse, often awakens people to the presence and spirit of horses, and this can trigger deep emotions. This happens in surprising ways, both to people who are involved with horses, and also to people who haven’t had experiences with horses. Oftentimes people cannot define their unexpected emotions, and are mystified that a work of art, especially depicting a horse, has had such a powerful effect on them. Once someone has had this type of experience with my artwork, they never forget the painting, even if years have passed. Because it awakened something in them that remains to be answered.

My artwork triggers these feelings in people, because I depict horses from a viewpoint that differs from most equine artists. I believe horses to be much more than beautiful earthly creatures. I portray them as I have always intuitively perceived them, as sentient beings capable of much wisdom and spiritual power. My artwork is realistic enough to allow the viewer to feel the palpable presence of the horse, yet beyond the image lies the spirit, which the viewer can also sense, even if they aren’t aware of their ability to do so.

Most of my artistic horses exist in another reality, a place I envision where the spirits of horses exist in all their freedom and majesty. In this place horse spirits can communicate freely with us, though their messages might still need personal interpretation. My artwork transports to viewer to this place, in order to explore the lessons the horse spirits would teach us if we were able to with them in order to experience their wisdom. Here they are free of the elements that define them on earth in order for them to be more accessible to the person who needs their image as a metaphor or a reminder of something only they can interpret.

Just as horses in life can carry us farther than we could walk alone, so too do the spirits of horses carry us on our inner journeys, on pathways that the horse is familiar with, but which we may have never traversed. My artwork seeks to give the viewer the ability to choose symbolic horses to carry them on these journeys.

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About the author

Kim McElroy

Kim is renowned for her equine art. For over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse’s form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul. www.spiritofhorse.com


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