Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Lancelot and Laurence

“In spring 2009, I went to Belgium to a horse wisdom coaching program run by Kathy Pike. During the training we worked with several horses but I totally fell in love with one of them, who was called Lancelot. He was a tall, dark brown horse and as soon as I saw him I just felt really drawn to him.

The first time we met, he came to me and closed his eyes. His body began to tremble all over and so did I. I began to touch him very softly, just the tips of my fingers, my eyes were closed. Lancelot gently touched the area of my heart with the tip of his nose and just stood there, very quietly.

I began to feel something was moving inside of me, a very old kind of feeling but I really couldn’t know what it was, so I just stood there.

Suddenly the rest of the participants who were stood around started whispering, “Oh my God, look at that…”, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

I didn’t want to open mine, I just wanted this process to go on. But the “Oh’s” all around us continued and so I finally opened my eyes and looked at Lancelot. His nose was still on my heart and he was crying. Real tears were coming from his eyes. Lancelot was crying and I began to cry as well.

At that moment, all the memories came flooding back. The memories of another horse, from a past long forgotten. Memories my mind had blocked out because they had been so painful.

The memory of Leleu, a horse I was totally in love with but who taken away from me at the time of our greatest happiness. This parting had an extreme and profound effect on both of us and it wasn’t until I met Lancelot, almost 10 years later, that I was able to heal the terrible wound I received.

Life though had not been so kind to Leleu. This is his story…”

Laurence Sibillat

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