Personal History With Horses

Personal History With Horses

This sorrel and white paint 21 yr old mare walked into my life one day as a total surprise. I always loved animals and had dogs but had never been around horses at all. I grew up on western TV series like Bonanza and Maverick and dreamed of the freeness and companionship of horses my whole life, but time and circumstances had never allowed it.

I was working in a chiropractors office as their on staff massage therapist and an employee asked if we could board her adult son’s horse on our new property, as we had just moved out in the country on 10 acres. It was already fenced and should be no problem so I readily agreed. That opened the door to my new world of horses.

Buttercup was 100% kid broke, I could do no wrong. Her owner came by only occasionally and so she was basically “my horse”. I immediately was addicted and couldn’t get enough of her,, I learned that I couldn’t swing up on top of her like the cowboys did but instead landed on the ground at her side, while she patiently looked down at me;. I also learned I couldn’t ride like the wind bareback doing figure eights. She patiently waited for me to get off the ground and try again. I finally learned that pain was a strong deterent in my lessons

But more than anything, Buttercup opened up my world for me emotionally. I had been abused mentally, emotionally and spiritually all my life but wasn’t aware of it because it was all normal to me. For some reason, Buttercup opened up the door of my emotions and allowed me to feel safe with her as I explored my past and how it had affected my life. In essence,, horses have healed me with their total acceptance.

The past ten years has been a painful time of emotional release as I have had to experience and grow through the pain but it has also been one of tremendous awareness and happiness as I have learned so much about unconditional love and acceptance of myself. In letting go of the past and moving forward into a bright future, I truly am aware of the horses presence at this time. Although Buttercup wasn’t with me for much more than a year. another horse came along that taught me new lessons about myself. It seems as though I took babysteps as they led me through my new life’s journey

About three years along, I became aware that horses had given so much to me that I wanted to return the gift. That is when I went back to school and became an equine massage therapist. It was wonderful to be able to know that I was giving back to them a part of the gift they had given to me. The only drawback was that so few humans realized how positive an experience this could be to their horses and living in the middle of “cowboy” country, my work wasn’t as accepted as I had hoped.

However, my growth was not to be slowed down. That’s when I went to the World Show in Oklahoma City and was drawn to a book stand and immediately purchased the book on “Healing for Horses” by Margrit Coates. This to me was so amazing because I have a background in kinesiology and am aware of how energy works on some levels. So then I studied her book and started using it. It really worked.

I then started incorporating all I knew about kinesiology, along with the energy healing as well as the benefits of massage, magnetic therapy and other natural modalities that might be called for in each individual case. I have seen phenomenal results and am truly blessed as I work with each new individual. I have had the honor of working with horses who had been given up on by the vets and in one session turning their lives around. And now I have been given a $60,000 horse that was to be put down due to injuries and he is my latest project. He is coming around very well and I have high hopes for him.

This work has brought me the greatest joy I have ever experienced in my life and I am truly grateful for the knowledge and awareness as each new level of learning arrives. What sometimes surprises me though, is that the horse who comes to me for help is working on the same issue as I am. Who is healing whom?

I wish to open a research and learning center to find out as much as possible but whatever the future has in store for me, I am so grateful to have found my purpose in life and being able to give back to these magnificent gifts that God has given us.

Cindy Kraft, C.E.M.T.
Morris/Okmulgee, Oklahoma

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