Spirit Horses at River of Light

Spirit Horses at River of Light

Spirit horses

A late evening in 2005 found me painting a watercolor study of a stone wall, using as many shades of brown as possible. I accented it with a crack in the wall, sunlight pouring through. Vaguely dissatisfied, I turned the surface 90 degrees. I was stunned to see horses covering the surface, coming to me with purpose. I knew they were the Spirit Horses of Native American legend and assisted their emergence with a watercolor pencil, realizing the sunlight was a River of Light. This painting won the next art show, launching a new direction in my painting. I’m now known for my Spirit Horse paintings.

This event convinced me that the great and powerful Horse Nation had come for me to carry me home. Two years later, I found my lead horse Spirit Horses Renaissance Painter, who was the principal figure in the painting. He and Spirit Horse Ranch, my home with horses, were the outgrowth of this painting, filling my life with everyday magic.

Spirit Horses at River of Light
Spirit Horses at River of Light
Watercolor on Claybord, 10×8
Ruella Yates, 2005

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