The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

I’ve just come off the phone with a guy called Tom and I just have to share with you some of what he told me.

It all started last week week when I received the following email (excerpted here):

“For the last 11 years I ran a Biodynamic Farm in West Sussex. It has been my life long dream to run such a farm, where the maximum effort is made to harmonise farming with Nature.

About 2 years ago I brought a Horse (Maggie) who changed my perspective on things particularly on trying to find a more natural way to be with animals. I realised that I actually knew very little about the sensitivity and trusting ways that animals are forced to meet our needs. I met an animal communicator who opened up a whole new world of awareness and compassion. This together with my horse experiences, made it hard for me to continue farming animals, even if done in a nice way it always ended in needless suffering which made a mockery of the sacredness of all life.

On The Road In FranceSo time for a change. It was difficult leaving something that I had admired and been a part of for so long, but my new ethical beliefs made it an instinctual necessity. My wife, daughter and I decided to walk from England, down through France to the Pyrenees in Spain, with Maggie our horse, as a guide and our two dogs from the farm. It took us 3 months (over 1000 miles) and was a journey of a life time, where we met and inspired so many people and animals.

We have ended up in a small village called Borrastre in the Aragon region of the Pyrenees, where we decided to stop our journey. It is the most beautiful place up in the mountains. Fairly soon we were keen to find a companion for Maggie. We found at a nearby camp-site, many horses that were in appalling conditions. I honestly could not imagine anybody wanting to ride them. The owner offered us one horse ‘Curitto’ (24 years old) who was about to be put down as he had severe breathing problems and coughing so much.

We took him back home and he tasted grass for the first time in 10 years, he experienced freedom that he had probably never had. We took his shoes off and wormed him which very quickly cured his cough. Now 8 months later he is looking so strong and has turned out to be a real Master for welcoming new horses. We now have 6 local horses all rescued from unacceptable solitary conditions. All are now enjoying being part of a herd and able to express themselves at liberty.
This is perhaps the most interesting part, as many of the local people and owners of the re-homed horses are enchanted at seeing these amazing animals glowing with contentment. It is awakening in them an awareness and compassion for something ‘as it should be’ but not quite being able to put it into words. This is an unusual concept in a culture where animals, even horses, are mostly kept for eating or working. As restrained and captive animals they can not express themselves, but as a herd they are clearly a very powerful force with a strong and simple message of hope.”

You can see from these few brief paragraphs why I was so keen to speak with Tom and hear more about his amazing journey, both spiritual and geographic.

So I am delighted to report that we have agree as a first step to serialise his story through HorseConscious with a Tom’s longer-term goal being to open a local sanctuary for horses with a view to more fully engaging people with animals and horses in particular.

We haven’t decided what form this series will take yet but if you would like to hear more of it, please add your comments below.

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