EAHAE Conference 2013

EAHAE Conference 2013

EAHAE Conference 2013


The EAHAE Conference 2013 started off with a bang (literally) on Thursday evening! Jackie Stevenson held her Native American drum aloft to gather the group as a community of rhythm, motion and emotion. It was a reminder that although we have come together from different countries, the horses tell us that we all speak the same language. Gerhard Krebs, founder of HorseDream and the EAHAE, reinforced that our communication is based  on the three tenets of respect, trust and love. Everyone is excited to see Pebble Ledge Ranch tomorrow morning, and meet the herd. We will be learning about the Spirit of Leadership, with horse presentation demos, speakers and panels. The excitement is palpable and magic is in the air!

EAHAE Conference - Day 2

Day 2

Our first full day started with a beautiful clear sunrise over the lake at Punderson State Park.  Upon arriving at Herb and Jackie Stevenson’s Pebble Ledge Ranch, we were greeted by their three wolf hybrid dogs and one cat.  Then on to meet their herd of horses and resplendent zebra.

Small group exercises led to informative and moving presentations by June Gunter and Barbara Rector, as humans and equines shared space and wisdom together.

Conversations were so rich that we had to extend the lunch break just to get everything in! The rest of the afternoon was also full of great information and open hearts.

We ended the day with Louis Alloro’s question: “When is the last time you freaked out with joy?”  Well, how about you?

EAHAE Conference - Day 3a;   EAHAE Conference - Day 3b

Day 3

Another stunning day in Ohio, starting off the day warming our backs in the sun and watching the herd graze quietly.  We then formed a large circle, and recited a morning song while step-dancing together. It was fun to laugh and get prepared for the demos to come.

Linda Kohanov showed us (and was shown by the horses) concepts of energy fields, herd dynamics and communication.  And since the buses were running late, we had the special opportunity to hike to the medicine wheel at the ranch.  It truly was a wonderful gift.

The afternoon discussions took off where the morning had started, with energy, connection and authenticity emerging as main themes.  The group really came together, and we have a strong sense of community.  Tomorrow closes the conference, with a bittersweet note to bring back the teachings to our everyday lives, but to have to say goodbye to such heartfelt friends.

Linda Kohanov

Day 4

EAHAE Conference - Day 4Our final day of the conference, and we are relaxed and synthesizing all of this new and reaffirming information. Business cards are exchanged, hugs are given, and we send up a gigantic wish that this work with horses will continue and thrive.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Business as a force for good”.  The potential is strong for not only business leaders, but schoolteachers and political organizations to greatly benefit from this form of experiential learning.

Embracing uncertainty and new ways of thinking is always a challenge, especially for those in positions of power.  Call it learning or call it love – but the barriers are softening, and it is time.  On to a bold future with horses as our partners.

Tiffany MacNeil

EAHAE Conference - Day 4

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