Equine Facilitated Learning with Sandra Wallin
Equine facilitated learning

Equine Facilitated Learning At Chirons Way

Chiron’s Way is located on a little piece of heaven some 40 minutes east of Vancouver, BC. Here you’ll find programs that empower perspectives and accelerate personal and team growth. Sandra often hears from her urban clients how much they appreciate the outdoor classroom, that simply being on the land enables them to feel more connected to themselves, each other, and their learning. As a lifelong learner herself, Sandra has had the privilege of studying with many leaders in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning and Wellness.

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About the author

Sandra Wallin

Sandra Wallin has been learning from horses, in one way or another, her entire life, but it wasn’t until her horses Grace and Chiron arrived that her apprenticeship truly began. Sandra claims Grace has taught her to be a better person and Chiron is teaching her to be a better horse, and as she learns, so she teaches, in her Equine Guided Development programs at Chiron’s Way. www.chironsway.com


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