Breeding Stallion Harmon Reborn - Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
Harmon at liberty

Breeding Stallion Harmon Reborn

The 11 years old PRE Breeding stallion Harmon reborn was participating in the September programme 2009. The owner, who had done her very best to help him and treated him very gently and soft, had not been able to really heal the deep emotional wounds this stallion suffered because of wrong treatment, and she still had many problems with dominance and riding because of the his resistance. Harmón turned out to have major traumas and was extremely depressed, which the course participants could also see in the working sessions they experienced with him and Klaus.

Harmon is a very talented horse with an extraordinarily spiritual character but his spirit was broken, so after the course Klaus kept him at the school farm to give him a thorough therapy and a complete new guidance to support all the qualities he has. After something like 10 sessions where the main issue was to bring the stallion out of his depression and to resolve his resistance towards people, Klaus is in this clip walking with the stallion on the soft hills of the island and we show some impressions from the first session of real encouraging lunging work where the stallion can really present and show himself, and become a totally new understanding of his authentic balance and posture.

It has been incredible to see his liberation take place, which is clearly to see in these pictures, and it is so fascinating how this monument of a horse becomes at the same time more disciplined and more independent and free it is like the togetherness with Klaus is in a special way supporting his wildness but allowing Klaus to handle and control him with the finest means and that makes this stallion even more beautiful.

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Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

The author of 'Dancing With Horses' teaches the principles of primal life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse. He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge and both mental and physical self-control, demonstrating how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture, attitude or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse.'


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