Connect With Horses Through Peace
Connecting with Horses through Peace

Connect With Horses Through Peace

To enter the world of horses we need to be aware.

Thinking all the time about the future and the past is not a part of a horse’s world. We’re often jumping between future and past. One thought after the other rise. In between there is the present.

The past is finished and the future does not exist.

What exists is the present.

Horses live in the present.

When you are present you become aware. Horses recognize that.

This is the first state of awareness to create the trust and the bond. In this state you become peaceful within yourself.

The peace is so great that you enjoy your peaceful existence.

Horses are attracted by people in this state of being.

You begin to have the ability to connect with horses, as you become a source of peace.

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About the author

Stina Herberg

Stina Herberg Stina was born in 1968 in Rjukan, Norway and had horses as a hobby for many years before starting to train “troubled” and “shut down” horses. After taking up a new work challenge on the small island of St. Vincent, she ran into the herd of wild, abandoned and abused horses, which challenged her to find new ways of training and understanding them. She is the director of SVG Horse School and a founding member of the Liberty Trainers Network.


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