Path Of The Horse Continued With Stormy May

Path Of The Horse… Continued

Path Of The Horse continued

Stormy May, the producer of the powerful film documentary ‘Path Of The Horse’, continues her journey with her horses and through her new website OurHorses.

OurHorses is an international community of friends working together to create a better world starting with providing sanctuary for horses and humans. We are dedicated to spreading peace through heart and feeling-based education with horses at our sanctuaries and by working together on service projects that uplift humanity.

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About the author

Stormy May

Stormy was a horse trainer, riding instructor and competition judge until the day she realized that somewhere she had gone off course. She made a choice to leave behind the life she knew. She sold her ranch to fund her project, bought a video camera and plane tickets and set out on her odyssey to find a different way of doing things. The result is the highly acclaimed 'The Path of the Horse' documentary.

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