Healing With Horses

Healing With Horses

Healing With Horses

Healing is about finding back your natural state and the mastery over your own life so that with your natural resonance the world around you will benefit and thrive.

I use 4 instruments which have proven to be very helpful in order for healing to occur. These instruments are:

  1. Being with horses
  2. Meditation in the close presence of the horse
  3. Causal communication
  4. Transcendental orientation

1. Being with horses without wanting or expecting anything from them, just opening yourself for them and enjoying their company, taking care of them, learning to listen to there needs and trying to see what and who they are, what kind of personalities they have and what they can learn you is for me always the starting point.

2. Meditation in the close presence of the horse is used to explore wider fields of consciousness then our daily consciousness. By intensively attuning ourselves to the natural rhythm of the horses we can reach different states of being and find back the rhythm of nature in ourselves. In this state we can see ourselves from a wider perspective which helps us to understand ourselves and the way we function better, we can see and let go of our illusions and discover our disturbed habitual programmes and transform them.

Healing With Horses3. Causal communication is the natural way of communication for animals and children because they can’t use words. It is a state which has different levels. Emotions, feelings, intuition, are part of this state in very subtle different levels. This causal field is timeless which means that everything we have experienced in our lives is in this state always present in the here and now.

Exploring these levels is very helpful in transforming your own life and you can learn to communicate with the horse through these levels. We use powerful ancient techniques (without the direct presence of the horses) to explore and transform these levels in order to use these levels later to have a clear and more open communication with the horse. The horse will then recognise you more as an equal being which he can understand. When you are strong, calm, honest and clear in your intentions (which will automatically be congruent with your body language) the horse will trust and respect you and is willing to work with you. Therefore causal communication is both a very natural way to communicate and an instrument to heal yourself.

4. Transcendental orientation is living in the consciousness that we are transcendental beings. There are different levels of experience, some we can discover some will always stay unconscious but they influence our live experience and quality constantly. We are creating our world by the way we think, act, feel and what we believe and wish. These levels are infinite and so are our creations and possibilities. Being conscious about these different levels is one aspect of this orientation.

The other aspect is the awareness that we are part of an unknowable oneness. Everything is connected into infinity. Specific meditation can help us to remind us to this infinity. It is very important to orientate ourselves in this way to improve the quality of life for all and not only in a selfish way. Discovering this orientation, which is more a vertical orientation, helps to give meaning to life, find back our natural state and live the life you were meant to live. You can discover only with this vertical orientation that, by taking care of life and everything life presents to you whether you like it or not, life will take care of you. Discovering this will give you a deep vertical way of trusting in something ‘bigger’ then ourselves. Something infinite which is not depending on circumstances or people or even death. This something is constant, beyond everything and always there.

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About the author

Irma ten Brink

Irma ten Brink is the founder of Transcendental Horsework. It is her aim to help people to find back their natural state of living and becoming aware of who and what they are and how they are creating their world. She is living together with her small herd of 4 horses in beautiful nature in the Belgian Ardennes where she gives trainings and guidance. She also runs a spiritual centre together with others were people can come for personal retreats and spiritual activities. Her work and this centre is inspired by the work Transcendental Humanism founded by the mystic Frédéric Antonious who is the owner of this centre and who visits the place a few times a year. www.transcendentalhorsework.eu

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