Need a Horse Fix? Try A Horse Meditation

Need a Horse Fix? Try A Horse Meditation

Horse Meditation

Imagine yourself standing tall and proud. Your eyes have the look of the eagles. You see it all. From the smallest insect in the grass to the largest tree near your pasture, you take everything in. Your white coat is smooth and your body carries with it the dreams of all things. You are graceful, elegant, and loving.

Sometimes when you are alone, you wish for your human companion. You know she loves and understands you. You have spent days, hours, weeks, years with her. She is your soul mate. Relationships are your thing. You crave connection and joy.

This is how I tap into my horse wisdom. I sit in a chair, close my eyes, and listen as I allow the horse meditation guide me to a deeper more connected space of horse essence. In this day and age, we are so programmed to stay in our heads that we forget about the heart.

That is what we are here for: To feel, to be, to be free. I create horse meditations to give you a 5-minute chill-out and to tap into that real live horse spirit that drew you to horses in the first place. Give them a try!

Here’s all you need to do:

Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and listen to my words. Visualize yourself as the horse. If your mind goes on a different journey (aka thinking other thoughts –like a to-do list or worrying), gently bring it back. It is super important to approach the horse meditation with a forgiving mind. Be kind to yourself. Listen to the meditation and observe how your mind gets quieter.

Horse Meditation

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Marcy Criner

Marcy Criner is the creator of Horses of Us and a follower of horse wisdom. She combines meditational imagery of horses with stories from horse owners to bring the images to life. She posts art weekly at, where you can go to experience amazing stories and art.

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